We, Fileonline, are a reseller of the leading Online Backup company, Livedrive, providing unlimited online backup space for all your valuable data. Never lose important data ever again.

Your data gets backed up using state of the art backup software that back's up your information safe and secure.

You get real-time unlimited backup space for a fixed and affordable price of R65 per month.


These days we rely on computers to manage our info and to store them safe and secure. But there are times when you least expect it to happen, and then it does. You can lose valuable information if you do not take care of your data properly. Data loss can be caused by one the following 4 main causes:


Hardware Crash

Disaster (fire; floods; earthquakes, etc)

Viruses, and

(Don't ever forget the lack of discipline to backup regularly!)

That is why Fileonline's online backup solution is an easy and affordable solution to these 4 main causes. Your data remains safe on the internet and cannot be damaged or deleted unless specified. No need ever to purchase an external storage device ever again, nor ever write on expensive CD's and DVD's. Online backup is the future of data security and protection.

Your data gets back'ed up REAL-TIME with our software. In other words, as you work on your files, they get back'ed up in seconds.

This is the ultimate cloud backup solution!  

And all this is for only R65 per month! 

Please be aware that you need an internet connection to backup your data online and to keep them up to date.

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